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Best Liver Transplant Hospitals in India

Best Liver Transplant Hospitals in India

It was the most difficult time of my life says the father of Baby Maya Nyambura, Citizen of republic of Kenya (In Swahili it’s Jamhuri ya kenya). Isn’t it the hardest thing in our lives to deal with a situation wherein a family member is seriously ill? I am certain it is for maximum number of people reading this article, the same was the situation of Mr. Joseph, father to a four year old Baby Maya.

Maya was diagnosed with end stage liver disease also called chronic liver failure in the year Jan 2019 at a hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. The family visited the best of the gastroenterologist in kenya look for possible treatment locally in their own country, every single medic they met gave them whatever best possible they could do for the child, however, it is painful to say that it was not enough. The child needed a treatment which is for extreme conditions and that treatment was liver transplant.

There were multiple meetings organised by the family for discussions related to treatment and on raising funds for treatment and the day family realised that she doesn’t need anything less than a liver transplant as that was the only option left to save the life of Baby Maya, In the family meeting on a sunday evening at the residence of Mr. Joseph, discussions related to liver transplant happened and all the well wishers present their contributed whatever little they knew about the treatment called liver transplant.

Now, the question how to find best liver transplant hospitals in India, many who were part of the meeting had been to india for some or the other treatments but not specifically for liver transplant. It was a very confusing state for everyone to decide on how to move ahead with process as nobody had a clue about liver transplant hospitals in India.

Liver transplant hospitals in India GHN HealthcareFortunately, one fine day Mr. Joseph visited a local hospital to collect a report of the test which was done few days ago, while he was sitting in the waiting area, he saw a young woman with her kid and the two of them were talking something of India.

Mr. Joseph was in a poor state of mind and body and he had to gather all the courage to ask the woman, Have you been to India Madam? The lady replied with a smiling face ‘yes’, we just came back few days back from New Delhi, India. She told Mr. Joseph that she visited one of the for liver transplant of her child. Mr. Joseph was very excited to know her experience in India and also about the hospital and treatment process in India. He wanted to know which one is the best liver transplant hospitals in India ?

The lady shared contact of GHN Healthcare and said these guys are very professional and experienced to offer you hand holding assistance throughout your treatment journey.

Mr. Joseph was very much relaxeBest liver trasnplant hospitals in indiad to have a reliable contact in India in order to organise for them to get the best hospital, cost, arrangements of visa letter, airport pickup, fixing up appointment and booking for accommodation etc. Once he connected he was guided on steps to follow in order to get the best liver transplant hospitals in India and the process for them was made very easy and swift for them to travel at the earliest for treatment of Baby Maya Nyambura.

Finally, Baby underwent liver transplant surgery at a leading hospital in New Delhi, the capital city of India with some of the world renowned hospital. She got discharged in a stable condition post transplant, stayed in India for a month for the follow ups and then travelled back to Kenya.

Mr. Joseph & the wife wrote an email after going back, Travelling to a strange place is very stressful but when God connects you with reliable, credible and people with good intentions, you feel very light and they make you feel at home. They were incredibly thankful to the whole team of GHN Healthcare for offering them hand holding assistance in India. For more details about Best liver transplant hospitals in India. click here


For any enquiry related to “best liver transplant hospitals in India

WhatsApp us for Liver Transplant Helpline (International Patients): +91 9818857545

You can also mail us at

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Experience of Mr. John of Kenya after a successful stem cell transplant for Multiple Myeloma in India.

Experience of Mr. John of Kenya after a successful stem cell transplant for Multiple Myeloma in India.


My name is Mary sister to John. I was requested by GHN people to write a story or you can say a feedback about my experience in India when we traveled for Specialized Medical treatment. My brother John was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma as disease which was difficult to diagnose at a remote area that we come from in Kenya.


Our local doctor after struggling to see any change in John referred us to a Hospital in Nairobi, Undergoing a detailed assessment and meeting with a number of Doctors in Nairobi, My brother was found to have Multiple myeloma and we started looking for stem cell transplant for Multiple Myeloma in India.. It was a shock for all of us when doctor told us it is a type of blood cancer. We were clueless on what to do next as in my country when you talk of disease like cancer its like you are counting on the number of days that the person will live and also the multiple myeloma treatment cost was to be found out as final and curative treatment was not available in my country.


We met with a number of doctors and family friends discussing on what best we can do for John. He was in shock so he decided not to socialize for a certain period after he got to know that he was a blood cancer patient, We started searching for best Multiple myeloma treatment hospitals and multiple myeloma treatment cost around. We decided to continue treatment in Kenya.


Now it was by luck on a Monday afternoon we were seated in waiting area at a hospital in Nairobi waiting for our turn to meet with a Specialists and we were discussing with other people about the health issues, One of them was from our county and he had the same same disease, He travelled to India for his treatment. I was with my brother and I thought he is the best person to guide us in this time difficult time and I was really very happy to see him doing well after the treatment.

The very next day I called him and we decided to meet at a place in Nairobi for a cup of chai. Now, this guy has same heath problem and he underwent a bone marrow transplant for Multiple myeloma disease in India. He told us about his story and how he was doing so well even after 1 year of the transplant. He gave me contact of Akhil Dubey +91 9818857545 and asked me to share all the medical reports of John with this person in India. I was truly very happy to have someone who will guide us on how we can travel to India and get best hospital in India and also suitable one in terms of multiple myeloma treatment cost.

In the evening I texted Akhil Dubey and told him that I was referred by one of the patient who underwent Bone Marrow Transplant for multiple myeloma in India. He was quick to respond, As told by my friends, he requested for medical reports which I sent him taking clear pictures and sharing with him on WhatsApp as it was difficult to get a Cyber café near to where I live. Akhil Dubey assured me that he will get back to us with 24 hours with all the details for best multiple myeloma treatment hospital in india.

These guys from GHN are very professional, within no time we got opinion from a very good Hospital in India, we got Visa Invitation letter from the Hospital, They kept guiding us on each and every step in the planning phase and we finally reached India. A person from GHN team was waiting for us at the Airport, He took us to a hotel nearby the Hospital.

The very next day we started our assessment at the Hospital and I would say we were at the best hospital for multiple myeloma treatment in India. Team of Doctors and nurses were excellent in their jobs, very friendly and professional. My brother was admitted for a time period of 24 days at the Hospital in the Bone Marrow Transplant suit. I would say journey was a difficult one but the good people around him made this difficult time bit easy for him. I do not have words to express myself about the Nursing services, they became like family to us by the time we left the Hospital.


Post discharge, we stayed for about 30 days and when doctor found out that my brother was progressing well and he is stable, we were given a fit to fly from our Doctor. We got our treatment done within the multiple myeloma treatment cost which was quoted to us. It was truly a great experience being in India for my brother’s treatment. I am very happy that we chose GHN Healthcare and their hospital in India. We got more than what we expected from them. We will definitely recommend many more people to use GHN healthcare services when travelling to India.

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Breast Cancer Surgery in India

Breast Cancer is most common diagnosed cancer in women. The primary reason for increasing breast cancer cases in the world is lack of awareness and regular screening. The Symptoms of Breast cancer are swelling in breast, pain, irritation, lump in under arm area, & thickening of nipples. Awareness is most important thing to prevent it and treatment of breast cancer in India.

Best Doctors & Hospitals in India for Breast Cancer Treatment:

Fortis Hospitals is one of the finest Hospital when it comes to treatment of Breast Cancer in India, backed up with highly skilled team of members, Fortis is providing their patients best treatment for breast cancer.

BLK Hospitals is one of the renowned Cancer treatment centre in northern india treating huge number of Patients with breast cancer disease. Dr. Kapil Kumar at BLK is a wonderful doctor running over 20 years of rich experience in the field of breast cancer treatment. Dr. Mandeepsingh at Artemis Hospital is also doing very well dealing with patients from different foreign nations .

Opinion from Best Doctors for Breast Cancer Treatment:

We at GHN have been serving patients with different kind s of disease and breat cancer is most common diseases in women of India & foreign nations. As we are associated with Top Healthcare institutions in India as a result We could help you get opinion from Top Doctors in India for your Treatment.

In case you wish to get opinion from our Panel Doctors, Scan your medical records and send them to us at . You may also contact our 24*7 Helpline Number+91 9818857545 for quick medical assistance.

Patients from Africa are requested to Share reports at

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Best Cardiac surgery in India

Cardiac surgery in India with the Best Heart surgeons in India is what attracting medical tourists coming to India. No other destination in India can match the unparalleled clinical excellence, technological set up and cost advantage offered by GHN Services.

Our aim is to reduce the poor consequences of cardiovascular / Heart diseases through innovative therapies for patient care. Our associated Hospitals have state of the art, heart specialty centers having a dedicated team of Cardiac surgeons ( & cardiologists who work as a team to provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary care to all patients suffering from heart ailments.

Pediatric heart surgery in India:

GHN connects you to the Best Cardiac surgeons in India ( & that is what you would want if your little one is suffering from any heart disorder. GHN is working with best pediatric doctors in India to provide you the best treatment options for your baby.

Sometimes the surgery for the heart is required in children for repairing defect in the heart which a child may have born with (congenital heart defects) & heart diseases which he a child gets after birth, which require surgery. Pediatric Cardiac Surgery deals with operative procedures in the newborn & youngsters suffering from cardiac dysfunctions, structural, functional and rhythm-related disorders of the heart.

Major types of Cardiac defects in children :
Bone Marrow Transplant in India
ASD- Atrial Septal Defect ASD –

An atrial septal defect (ASD) , is referred to as a hole le in the heart , it is a type of congenital heart defect in which there is an abnormal opening in dividing wall between the upper filling chambers of the heart . In maximum cases ASD are diagnosed and treated with highest success with few or no complications.

Ventricular Septal Defect –

A hole in the wall of heart of Patient between their right ventricle and left ventricle (the two lower chambers, where the blood leaves the heart). In Normal situation, blood cannot pass between the ventricles. But when there is hole between the sides of the heart, some oxygen-rich blood leaks from the left ventricle in the right one and goes to the lungs. The hole may be small which causes no issues in maximum cases, or it may be large causing serious problems with blood flow. If the hole is large, too much blood shall be pumped to the lungs, leading to congestive failure of the heart. Also, the heart will make extra efforts to pump blood to the body. As a result of the extra burden, the heart can get bigger.

Fallot’s Tetralogy –

Fallot was a doctor who found out this particular type of heart defect. Tetralogy means fourfolds , there are four defects found together. These four problems are:

  • Pulmonary stenosis
  • Ventricular septal defect – heart .
  • Over-riding aorta
  • Right ventricular hypertrophy
Double Valve replacement

Valves are the openings between two chambers of the heart and also between a chamber and artery which allows unidirectional blood flow. The functions of mitral valve (between left Atrium and left Ventricle) and the Aortic valve ( left ventricle and aorta) is very important.

If these valves get narrowed which means get small in size, the amount of blood passing from left atrium to left ventricle or from left ventricle to aorta are reduced. In this case the heart will pump blood hard to push it through the narrowed valve, however the blood will tend to go upwards back into the pulmonary vein.

Get Opinion & Treatment from Best pediatric doctors in India ?

Following steps would help you get opinion from best pediatric doctors in India for treatment of your baby –

  • Step 1–Please Scan all reports ( Echo & ECG etc) & share with us at our Email.
  • Step 2–We shall Share your Medical reports with top pediatric Surgeons in India for their Opinion. Our Team will assess the Opinions & the Cost from different surgeons. We shall then share most suitable Opinion with you over Email.
  • Step 3–Take your time to decide, Once you & your family has taken a mutual decision, We shall request you to share passport details of all people Travelling to India. Quickly, We will assist you with a Medical Visa Invitation Letter so that you can apply for the Visa at the Embassy in your Country.
  • Step 4–Once you get the Visa, You can Book for your flight & share Travel details with us so that we could make all necessary arrangements for your Pick up from the Airport by Our Team Members, Arrangements for your accommodation & also booking an appointment with Doctor for Best Cardiac surgeons in India at the India Hospital ( .
  • Step 5– You will meet with the doctors here in India & continue start treatment under our personalized care, a Case Manager would be dedicated to you from day of arrival till you depart from India.

Kindly note GHN does not Charge any EXTRA COST from the Patients from Medical assistance in India.

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Bone Marrow Transplant in India

What is Bone Marrow?

Bone marrow is found inside bones which is made up of sponge like soft material containing Stem Cells producing blood cells. There are number of good hospitals for Bone marrow transplantation hospitals in India.

What are the types of Bone marrow Transplantation?

Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant: The Stem cells are removed from infected Bone Marrow before the aggressive treatment. These stem cells are kept safe in freezer and preserved them which are later induced into the bone marrow post Chemotherapy and radiation.

Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant: The stem cells are removed from donor matching with Patients. Patient & the Direct Siblings need to undergo HLA typing tests to find out the most suitable match for this type of Transplantation. The success rate of treatment depends upon various factors and % of matching is one of the important factor. Patients are suggested to plan & start donor search

Umbilical cord bone marrow Transplantation: Stem cell are taken from a New born Baby’s umbilical cord. These stem cells are preserved for transplantation when required. There are various stem cell preservation centers in India where you can preserve the Umbilical cord. People nowadays, getting to know about the importance of preservation of Umbilical cord and gradually the number of people preserving cord cells is improving.

Bone marrow transplantation centers may are practicing all the above three methods for Treatment of Patients coming to India for Stem cell Transplantation. The well known Cancer hospitals in the India are using these methods so that patients coming from far countries get the best advantage of multiple Treatment Options.

Hospitals with Best Bone Marrow Transplant Treatment in India

Hospital like Artemis in Delhi NCR where the Bone Marrow Transplant Team is headed by Dr. Rahul Bharagava is doing very good for Patients suffering from Leukemia, thalassemia & Myeloma. BLK Hospital in New Delhi India has one of the Largest bone marrow transplant unit in Northern India. The Team at BLK Hospital is Headed by Dr. Dharma Chowdhary who is a renowned Haematologist in India. These Hospitals are treating adult as well as huge number of Paediatric Patients suffering from blood cancer. Fortis Hospitals are also one of the best healthcare institute for Bone Marrow treatment.

Facilities at Bone Marrow Transplantation Units in India?

The Hospitals in India providing best and very affordable bone Marrow Transplantation treatment. Bone Marrow Transplant is a complex treatment and hospitals have Separate unit which is highly equipped with Hepa filter. The Patients in these units are monitored continuously with Team of nuring staff dedicated for Bone Marrow Transplant Patients. Each & every Hospital does have a Team of Doctors who take care of Patients from 1st phase of treatment till the last one. Each Patient is observed very closely and the progress is noted by the Team of Doctors in the Hospitals. The Cancer Units in Hospitals of India have very highly qualified team of Doctors, Nursing staff & other Paramedical personals to serve the Patients with highest quality of medical care.

Cost of Bone Marrow Transplant in India

The Hospitals offer affordable packages to Bone Marrow Transplantation Patients in India. The Cost of Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplantation ranges from USD 25000 to 35000 in India. The Cost of Induction Chemotherapy is excluded. The Chemotherapy Treatment depends upon the state of marrow which is clear after the Bone Marrow Aspiration done by Haematologist at the Hospitals.

The Cost of Autologous Bone Marrow Transplantation range from USD 15000 to USD 25000.

For Opinion of Best Doctors In India, You may choose to Scan the medical Reports and share your treatment query with us. We shall get back to you with OPINION of Top Experts within 24 hours.

People from Africa can also share reports for quick suggestion.

Why GHN for your Bone Marrow Transplant Treatment in India?
  • Associated with Team of Best Haematologist in India
  • Best Cost of Treatment
  • Dedicated Team members for round the clock assistance
  • Free Opinion from Best Hospitals in India
  • Visa Assistance
  • Airport Pick up facilities
  • Continuous follow up & assistance during the course of treatment

Please note that we provide these services at No Extra Cost & Patient need not to pay any additional amount for their treatment here in India. We act as a single point of contact for opinion of Doctors from all associated Top Hospitals in India.

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