What is the cost of bone marrow transplant in India ?

At India , there are many world-class centres for Bone Marrow Transplant like Fortis, Gleneagles Global, BLK, Continental, Aster, Artemis, KIMS , Jaypee hospital & Columbia Asia etc. Patients suffering from different types of blood cancers undergo Bone Marrow Transplant, Patient diagnosed with Sickle cell Anaemia , Thalassemia and Aplastic Anaemia undergo bone marrow transplant for permanent cure. The Autologous stell cell transplant cost ranges from USD 18000 – 25000 at India Hospitals, the cost for Allogenic Transplant cost about USD 30000- 35000 at hospitals in north as well in south India. Haploidentical or  Half matched is comparatively high, it cost about USD 45000 to 55000.

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