Lung Cancer

Among all types of cancer it is the one of the deadliest cancer which is risky for both men and women, every year many people die due to this cancer, basically the lung cancer is the cancer of the lungs which effects the lungs and respiration causes by several factors resulting into the abnormality in the lungs and finally causing tumor so the abnormal cells divides to form the tumor, the tumor can be of two types benign tumor and malignant tumor.

The benign tumor do not have the ability to spread in to the lung and body where as on the other hand the malignant tumor is very dangerous as it spreads from one part to another part of the body and causes infection.


Lung cancer is harmful for both men and women but it is higher in men's in comparisons to the women's as it is the malignant lung disease majorly caused due to cigarette smoking, pipe, cigars and other tobacco products which are inhaled with the oxygen whereas those who comes in contact with the cigarette smoke or lives with the smokers comes under the category passive smoking, they are also having risk of having lung cancer.

There are some other reasons also there which may cause lung cancer like exposure to cancer causing chemicals, high level of arsenic in drinking water, family history of having lung cancer.


After the attack of the cancer cells the body starts showing symptoms as a warning sign such as :

  • Shortness of breath,
  • wheezing and chest pain,
  • weight loss,
  • weakness,
  • fatigue,
  • persistent or intense coughing,
  • change in color of the mucus,
  • difficulty in breathing and coughing,
  • hoarseness of the voice,
  • blood during coughing.


The symptoms plays the major role for the diagnosis of the disease as the symptoms are an important part of cancer care and treatment, after it if needed then many types of test also takes place such ascommon imaging techniques including chest X- rays, CT scan, MRI scan , PET scan ,bronchoscopy, chest examination.


The lung cancer have different types of treatments which are available according to the diagnosis result and stage of the cancer, health status, age, etc.,

Surgery can be done for the removal of the tumor but it is only done when the tumor has not spread beyond or nearby the lymph nodes, whereas instead of surgery chemotherapy, radiation therapy in which powerful x-rays or radiations are used for the treatment of the lung cancer.