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Heart transplant is a surgical procedure removing a diseased Heart and re-place it with a healthy one from a deceased Donor. All Heart transplant operations use Heart from deceased donors.

What are the indications for Heart Transplantation ?

Most of the Patients referred for a Heart Transplant are in a end stage of heart failure & this can be caused by below mentioned health conditions–

  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Hereditary Condition
  • Viral Infection of the heart
  • Damaged Heart Valves & Muscles
The Atrial septal defect which is also known as the hole in the heart is a abnormal disease found in infants and unborn child's who r in womb of their mother , in this kind of disease there is a abnormal opening in the wall which separates the right upper chamber and left upper chamber on the heart this defects let the leakage of the oxygen rich blood leaked into the oxygen poor blood chamber , the heart have four chambers whom work is to clean the impure oxygen blood into pure oxygen blood and pass it to the veins and whole body [...]

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Coronary artery bypass graft in the one of the revolutionary innovation in the field of cardiac surgery, this surgery is required when the coronary arteries are blocked due to heart attack (myocardial infarction) or in aginal so due to which some part of the blood do not receives the sufficient amount of blood supply so with this coronary artery bypass graft surgery a new way is created for the flow of blood, the coronary artery bypass graft is one of the most common type of surgery now a days which is don't by the cardiothoracic surgeons who takes a healthy part of vein mat be from leg or artery from the chest or wrist then attaches the healthy piece into the coronary artery in above and below the narrowed area or blockage so it provides a new say for the blood to flow and to bypass the blockage [...]

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The coronary artery disease which causes heart diseases which is a result of the building up of the plaques in the arteries which makes the way narrow or block them and stops the flow of the blood and also enhances the chances of having cardiac arrest or heart attack and stroke, as this disease generally starts from the collection of the cholesterol in the arteriesand blood vessels walls from a young age and with the age as you get older the risk also rises of heart attack and stroke or blood clotting so to get cure from this problem there are many types of cardiac treatments are available in which coronary angioplasty is one of the most common type of treatment [...]

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A very deadly disease for the infants and young babies which affects boys and girls in equal amountsit is a congenital heart disease whereas very rare and complex type of heart disease in which instead of normal flowing of the blood the heart defect changes the normal flow in the blood, those children who are having down syndrome comes under high risk of having the tetralogy of fallot. This problem is congenital which means when the baby was in womb during the pregnancy the disease develops so the baby born with the affect in the normal flow of the heart [...]

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Our heart is a very special and important organ which not only provides life to us but also besides this it plays many vital roles such as pumping and pouring of blood into the while body in which valves which are present inside the chambers of the heart play important role, so basically heart consist of four valves whose jobs is to make it sure that the blood is flowing in a proper direction in the heart, the valve opens and close according to the requirement, they open when for the flow of the blood and gets close to stop the flow as well as keeping the blood from the backward flow [...]

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