Coronary Angioplasty Treatment

The coronary artery disease which causes heart diseases which is a result of the building up of the plaques in the arteries which makes the way narrow or block them and stops the flow of the blood and also enhances the chances of having cardiac arrest or heart attack and stroke, as this disease generally starts from the collection of the cholesterol in the arteriesand blood vessels walls from a young age and with the age as you get older the risk also rises of heart attack and stroke or blood clotting so to get cure from this problem there are many types of cardiac treatments are available in which coronary angioplasty is one of the most common type of treatment.

Risk factors

As the problem occurs due to the blocking of the blood vessels but generally most of the persons are not aware of the risk factors which may cause the cardiac disease or may enhance the risk of having a heart attack or stroke, all the risk factors are very common and related to our daily life activities and body functions, some of the risks factors which may be the reason behind the causing of the problem such as :

  • High blood pressure
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Lack of exercise
  • Tiredness
  • High cholesterol
  • Too much junk or fast food
  • Poor diet
  • Excessive intake of alcohol
  • Depression
  • Stress

What is coronary Angioplast?

The coronary angioplasty is a kind of treatment which is the one of the most common heart procedures every year large number of patients choose angioplasty for the treatment because as it is non- surgical heart procedure used for the treatment or the coronary artery disease or cad , basically what happen in the coronary angioplasty is that a narrow section of the heart or the coronary artery is widened with the help of a balloon and the stent which is attached to a catheter, the catheter is actually a flexible tube which is thin used to insert it into the coronary artery, after entering the balloon which is present on the tip of the catheter is blown up in the blocked or narrow artery and force to be wider and later a stent which is a small tube put into the artery to keep them enlarged.

After coronary angioplast risk and complications

The coronary angioplasty is considered to be the one of the safest procedures but as it is known that with every medical procedure and treatmentsomesort of risks are also related to them which may be minor or major some of them are as including :

  • Allergy to the contrast dye which is used
  • Problem in the chest after operation
  • Internal bleeding, mainly in the wound side of the skin
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Tissue damage
  • Damaging of the body organ such as kidney due to the use of the contrast dye
  • Discomfort or damaging of the artery in which the catheter was inserted

But now a days due to advanced and much better treatment, precautions and techniques the risk of such errors and risks get reduced on a large scale.


It's better to take precautions instead of being a victim, as the problem starts due to small things which are directly or indirectly related to humans life and also effecting them on a large level so it's better to reduce such risk causing sings by taking precautions including :

  • Maintaining diet
  • Quite smoking
  • Workout and exercise
  • Medical checkup
  • Maintaining cholesterol level.