Tetralogy Of Fallot Treatment

A very deadly disease for the infants and young babies which affects boys and girls in equal amounts it is a congenital heart disease whereas very rare and complex type of heart disease in which instead of normal flowing of the blood the heart defect changes the normal flow in the blood, those children who are having down syndrome comes under high risk of having the tetralogy of fallot. This problem is congenital which means when the baby was in womb during the pregnancy the disease develops so the baby born with the affect in the normal flow of the heart.

The tetralogy of fallot falls under four type of defect of the heart which are

  • Pulmonary septal defect in which a hole is present in between the two lower ventricles or the chambers of the heart.
  • Pulmonary stenosis a name given to the condition in which narrowing of the pulmonary valve and the main pulmonary artery take place.
  • The aortic valves which opens in the aorta becomes enlarged in size and in normal the aortic valves open in the left ventricle on the heart but in this case it gets open in the both of the ventricles rather than in just the left one which is right ventricular hypertrophyan.
  • overriding aorta in which the aorta is between the left and right ventricle , directly over the VSD resulting into the wrong flow of the oxygen poor blood from right ventricle to aorta instead of into the pulmonary artery.

What causes

The tetralogy of fallotdisease is a congenital heart disease which is present by birth in which heredity plays the effective role in causing of such problem, some of the risk factors which may causetetralogy of fallot includes:

  • Heredity.
  • Infants and early babies with any type of genetic disorder such as down syndrome, DiGeorge syndrome.

Symptoms and signs

As every defect or disease shows some kind of symptoms to indicate problem in the body so in tetralogy of fallot most of the symptoms starts appearing in the first week of the life in which the major symptom is cyanosis which is the bluish tint to the skin, lips and fingernails, the cyanosis causes due to the low level of the oxygen present in the blood, there are some other symptoms were also noticed in the babies such as :

  • Trouble in breathing
  • Become very fussy
  • Do not paying attention and response on the voice or touch of parents
  • Lose consciousness
  • Fainting
  • Heart murmur which is a unusual sound produce by the heart.
  • Clubbing which is the rounding of the skins and bones around the tips of fingers.


If the baby shows such kind of symptoms and problems then it's really important for the parents to consult with the doctor as soon as possible for them so that the doctor will diagnose the baby, for the diagnosis there are some tests are there which are useful in detecting the disease such as:

  • Lab test
  • ECG or electrocardiogram
  • Chest x- ray which will help in knowing the shape of the heart as in tetralogy of fallot boot shaped hearts are seen
  • Echocardiography
  • Physical examination in which clubbing can be detect by the doctor.