Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation involves taking very small pieces of hair and fitting them on bald part or on thinning area the person has.

If your hair health says having hair replacement would be best alter, you should really believe the surgeon been victorious on it. And resultant been effectively as people hoped.

The truth about hair loss

Baldness is mostly criticized on poor circulation of blood to the scalp. Lack of necessary vitamins, dandruff, lack of nutrition. And even cause of wearing hat.

But although all this this can be come across cause of heredity most probably.

Essential reasons of loosing hair and facing baldness

  • A change in hormones.
  • Aging.
  • Family history of baldness.

Hair replacement surgery candidates

  • You are maybe the right candidate of having hair replacement if you are :
  • If you have great amount of hair at the back. Where the hair will be taken to relocate.
  • If you have slimier hair quality at your back hair. Such as if you have curly hair from front; should be same at back.
  • If you are sure if you have bothered baldness indeed.
  • If you don't have injured area on your head anywhere.
  • Women who have lost hair due to other cosmetic operations such as facelifts.

Hair replacement surgery recovery and follow up

The consequence of the surgery depends on the entanglement of the surgery technique. If any aching and harshness appears the surgeon will direct you well by giving pain medications . If bandages are used they will be removed after one day later. You will be allowed to wash gently your hair after two days. Any stitches will be removed in a week probably.

Some doctors advise not to be active on exercises it may can be harmful immediately after the surgery.

Its necessary if you follow the instruction given by the doctors for better recovery.

Getting back to normal

After the surgery you can be directed for the do's and don'ts list. You can easily resume your routine as instructed by the physician.

You will the good difference and the confidence after this surgery. Your hair growth will be back to normal soon. You can predicate one or half inch per month as growing length of your hair.

Follow-up procedures

You may require to have surgery touch up to see more likely to natural look.

When your sits have healed.

Your surgeon might can advise you to have mini-grafts, micro-grafts or slit grafts.