Disc Replacement

Whenever a person experience to have lower back pain then they are suggested for surgery to get relief from that pain and live there life normally again without any pain, disc replacement surgery is a very helful for those who are phasing many kinds of problem due to this problem. While talking about the disc replacement it is important to know About What is the disc means, so basically the disc is present in between the individual bones of the spines which are also called as the vertebra , the disc have soft suppressing structure , the disc are very flexible so that it provides flexibility to the spine to bend. It is made up f cartilage - like tissue which consist of an outer and inner portion in which the annulus is the outer portion whereas the inner portion is called as the nucleus , so when the disc got injured or due to age it starts producing problem which produce painful symptoms while any movement or while carrying a load or motion , so through the disc replacement which is also termed as the artificial disc implanted into the spine to imitate the functions of the original disc.


Few of the persons who experience problem in there spine are suggested to have disc replacement surgery for which they consult with their doctor

After that according to the symptoms the doctor suggest them the best option which will be suitable for them as the disc replacement is classified into two general types

  • Total disc replacement
  • Disc nucleus replacement

As the name are quite sufficient to understand the types, in total replacement surgery most of the disc or all depending upon the conditions are replaced by the artificial disc which is made up of plastic like material, metal material or may be combination of both of them , are implanted in between the vertebra , whereas in disc nucleus replacement the main or the center of the disc is removed and replaced by the artificial disc in this the annulus is not removed which is the outer portion of disc.


There may be several reasons behind different kind of implant, in which pain is the very fist as well as very common problem in the spine disc which is not considered as a major problem until the pain has been for a long duration such as for 6 m months and the patient had tried almost all types of treatment to cure that pain such as physical therapy, medication, injection, or any other related to it. Where as there are some other kinds of causes are also present such as :

  • Pregnancy
  • Osteoporosis
  • Vertebral body fracture
  • Accident
  • Back pain caused mostly by the intervertebral discs in lumbar spine
  • Over weight

Are some of the common possessions which causes the need to have the disc replacement surgery.


Whereas there are some risks are also there which are related to the disc replacement surgery including :

  • Injury to blood vessels.
  • Nerve injury
  • Injury to urologic structure and death.