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Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant-

Kidney transplant is a surgical procedure to fix a kidney from a live or deceased donor in a person whose kidney no longer functioning properly.

Common reason for Kidney Transplantation –

A kidney transplantation is done to cure a patient with kidney failure (end-stage disease), a condition in which your kidney can function at only fraction of normal capacity. Patients with end-stage kidney diseases need either to have wastage removed from their bloodstream (dialysis) or a kidney transplantation for a pain free life.

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India has become the most popular destination for Patients planning to undergo kidney transplant. Our Partner Hospitals in India are having would class facilities for renal failure Patients. Highly Experienced Team of Nephrologist and Uro-surgeons have truly shown excellent results performing Kidney Transplant at our Partner Hospitals like Jaypee, KIMS, Fortis, Artemis, Gleneagles Global, BLK, Continental and Maxcure etc.

GHN has served large number of Patients from all over the Globe coming to India for kidney Transplantation Surgery with best outcome. Indian Doctors are very well known for their excellent work in the field of Organ Transplants with a very high rate of Success. The Top Doctors for Kidney Transplantation are associated with us performing routine Kidney Transplant surgeries.

Indian Doctors are very well known for their excellent work in the field of Kidney Transplants with a very high rate of Success . GHN is dedicated in Serving Patients from all over Africa, Middle East, SAARC Countries and CIS etc Travelling to India for Kidney Transplant Treatment .

Please note that GHN helps Patients undergo Kidney Transplant at Our Partner Hospitals for only those Patients who do have a RELATED FAMILY DONOR.

The Cost of Kidney Transplant Package ranges from USD 14000 to USD 18000.

GHN Advantage –

  • Free Medical Opinion from Best Kidney Transplant Doctors in India upon receipt of Medical reports of Patient and the Donor.
  • Most Affordable Kidney Transplant Packages for your Treatment.
  • Quick Medical Visa Assistance / Complimentary Airport Transfers.
  • Quick Completion of legal Formalities for Transplant.
  • Dedicated Case Managers for your assistance at the Hospital.
  • “No Extra Cost”, All Payments directly to the Hospital by cash, Visa card & Wire Transfer etc.
  • Free Follow Up Consultations with Experts after your Departure from India.

Please share all medical reports of the Patient and Donor , You can share them over Our Email- care(at) by scanning and sending the Reports or you may choose to whatsApp pictures of reports over +91 9818857545 for Best Kidney transplant treatment in India.