Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a type of cancer which only affects the men. It occurs in the prostate gland, the prostrate is a small size walnut-sized exocrine gland of the male reproductive system exists in the bladder. The prostate glands are involved in the urine control with the use of the prostrate muscle fibers as well as I the production of the seminal fluid which is required for the nourishment and the transportation of the sperms.


The cause of the occurrences of prostate cancer is not yet clear but if it known that the chances of having prostate cancer increases with the increase in age, it mainly affects men who are of age 50 and above.

Genetically If anyone who had a history of having prostate cancer then the risk enhances whereas some other reasons such as age which is one of the major risk factor, smoking, hormonal, dietary, painters, alcoholics, environmental influences may also increases the risk of developing the conditions.


Mainly in the early stage of infection there are no such symptoms at all and does not cause any problem in urinating but as the cancer grows and increases in size in the prostate the symptoms start occurring in which some of the most common are like having pain during urination, slow urinary stream, having blood in serum and urine . If the prostate cancer is advanced then it causes bone pain, leg weakness, urinary incontinences etc


There have been many kinds of tests are introduced to know whether person is suffering from prostrate cancer o not where as it will also helpful in knowing the stage of the cancer to reduce the level of risk, so basically there are two kinds of test at present are available one is digital rectal exam and a PSA ( Prostate - specific Antigen ) blood test which is use to find the prostate cancer at the early stage when the symptoms were haven't appeared or it can also be used as the first test after having symptoms which may cause prostate cancer. If the PSA level goes up then the chances of having cancer also increases.


There been several researches done by the scientist to cure prostate cancer like fish oil is useful, omega - 3 fatty acids also prevents the growth and spreading of the infected cells.

As it have stage 1,2,3,4 so the treatment is also given according the level and infection after diagnosis first watchful waiting then some of the treatments such as active surveillance, internal radiation therapy, radiation therapy, clinical trial of cryosurgery etc.