Atrial Septal Defect Treatment

The Atrial septal defect which is also known as the hole in the heart is a abnormal disease found in infants and unborn child's who r in womb of their mother , in this kind of disease there is a abnormal opening in the wall which separates the right upper chamber and left upper chamber on the heart this defects let the leakage of the oxygen rich blood leaked into the oxygen poor blood chamber , the heart have four chambers whom work is to clean the impure oxygen blood into pure oxygen blood and pass it to the veins and whole body ,, normally the left side pumps blood to the body and on the other hand the right portion of the heart pumps blood to the lungs but if the child is affected by the Atrial septal defect then the blood will not travel in a systematic way the pure blood get leaks into the impure or dirty oxygen blood , if the Atrial septal defect is large then the blood pass to the lung arteries therefore makes the working of heart and ad lungs work more difficult and harder which sometimes also causes gradual damage to the lung arteries.

What Causes Atrial septal defect

As this is an inborn disease basically causes due to genetic factors beside that no other reason have been found which may cause Atrial septal defect , the reason is unknown , but whenever there is a some change in the genes or the chromosome in that changes on of the change can be the cause of the Atrial septal defect beside this other risk factors are also there which are minor like environment, food habit, drinking etc.


During the pregnancy time this type of defects may be diagnosed by the doctor or sometimes after the birth of the baby its very rare when the Atrial septal defect is diagnosed at the middle age. in daily routine check ups the doctor checks the pregnant patient during pregnancy to check where there is any defect or any other critical condition with the child or not, if the infant is having Atrial septal defect that that can be easily observed during ultra sound.

But sometimes when the defect is not present at the pregnancy stage but after the birth of the baby the defect occurs then it shows different kinds of symptoms and signs which indicates the Atrial septal defect which are diagnosed by doctor.