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Liver Transplantation

Liver Transplant-

Liver transplantation is a surgical procedure removing a diseased liver and re-place it with a healthy one from a donor. Most liver transplantation operation use livers from deceased donors, However a liver may also come from a living donor from family member.

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India has become one of the preferred Destination for Patients seeking Liver Transplant. Hospitals in India are known for their Excellent Outcome with the Cost of Liver Transplant being on Lower side when it comes to comparison between other Medical Travel Destinations like Thailand, Singapore, Turkey, USA and UK etc.

We at GHN has served large number of Patients from Africa and Middle East Countries at Top Liver Transplant Hospitals in India. We are associated with World Class Hospitals BLK, Fortis, Jaypee, KIMS, Gleneagles Global, Artemis and Aster etc. having world renowned Doctors for Liver Transplant Treatment in India. We negotiate the Most Cost effective Treatment Package for Liver Transplant.

The Cost of Liver Transplant in India ranges from USD 35000 to USD 45000 inclusive of all Medical charges.

GHN Advantage –

  • Free Medical Opinion from Best Doctors in India upon receipt of Medical reports.
  • Dedicated Case managers for Quick Completion of legal Formalities required for Transplant.
  • Most Affordable Treatment Packages for your Treatment.
  • Quick Medical Visa Assistance / Complimentary Airport Transfers.
  • Dedicated Case Managers for your assistance at the Hospital.
  • “No Extra Cost”, All Payments directly to the Hospital by cash, Visa card & Wire Transfer etc.
  • Continuous Follow Up with Liver Transplant Expert after your Departure from India.

Please share all medical reports of the Patient, You can share them over Our Email- care (at) by scanning and sending the Reports or you may choose to whatsApp pictures of reports over +91 9818857545 for Best Liver transplant treatment in India.